Protect Your Most Important Assets

We represent some of the best manufactured/mobile home insurance companies in the industry and work to find the best fit for you.
Most people that have never bought or owned a manufactured or mobile home are surprised that there is such a thing as manufactured/mobile home insurance.  Manufactured/mobile home insurance does the same job as any other form of property insurance; to ‘insure’ the homeowner is protected from financial loss in case of property damaged.
Manufactured/mobile home insurance can be purchased at top rated insurance carries plus countless of other small-town insurance companies.  BAIG is here to compare rates, services, and policy coverage between our many insurance carriers when finding the right one for you.
How does manufactured/mobile home insurance compare to traditional home insurance? Manufactured/mobile home insurance is typically based on the amount of money it will take to rebuild the same home.  Since manufactured and mobile homes are typically less expensive to build than traditional wood or concrete built homes, it stands to reason that in most cases, manufactured or mobile home insurance would be drastically cheaper than traditional site built property.
The price you pay will also vary due to:
Will you (the owner), your tenants, or no one be living in the home while the property is insured?
Would you like to insure the personal contents of the home (TVs, furniture, jewelry, etc.) against damages or just the mobile home itself?
Do you want to insure yourself against theft?
What value would you like to insure your home for?
How high or low in price do you want your deductible?
Is your mobile home located in a flood zone?
Bad things happen to good people all the time, this of course is the purpose of insurance.  However, in most cases, it is not the homeowner’s choice to place insurance on the home.  In most cases when there is an existing loan on a property you will not have the luxury of choosing to buy insurance; most mortgages have a “property insurance provision” which requires insurance be kept on the property (at your cost) at all times.  The bank that has loaned the money to help purchase the home has the right to protect its investment with insurance.  If you do not keep insurance on the home the bank will automatically pay for property insurance and pass the cost along to you.